Half Marathon: Week 1

by katie

Y’all, I forgot myself for a minute and signed up for a half marathon.  WHAT?

I have been running pretty regularly for about a year now, but have never run anything close to 13.1 miles.  Just typing that gives me heart palpitations.  I started training this week and it’s going…okay.  I’m still really slow but trying to improve.  I’m using the Hal Higdon program, which I like so far.  I’m also planning to continue my pilates and barre classes on the weekends for cross training, but we’ll see how that goes once I have to start running for hours on Sundays.  My training plan also includes eating every piece of food in sight, apparently.  Sigh.

The photo above is from the same race last year.  My friend Karen and I did the 10K while Amanda did the half.  Tom took this pre-race so I have no idea why we are so shiny.  I convinced Karen to run the half this year.  We talk pretty much every day about how worried we are that we’ll end up needing to lie down on the side of the road long before the finish.