Khakis for Women

by katie

Can we talk about how there are no decent khaki pants out there for women?  No, women’s clothing companies, I do not want: (1) boot cuts, (2) flap pockets on the butt, (3) low rise, (4) stretch, or (5) pointless shallow pockets.  I just want a good quality pair of timeless, plain khakis.

After scouring the earth for months, I finally gave up my search for the perfect pair of women’s khakis.  Instead, I walked on the wild side and bought khakis made for…wait for it…men!  I could not be more pleased.  I picked up a pair of Bills at our friendly neighborhood menswear shop and haven’t looked back.  These things are amazing, and actually fit very well even though I am on the curvy side.  Tom dry cleans his because he wants a crease (nerd alert), but I’ve just thrown mine in the wash at home and had perfect results.  They are casual, comfortable, and exactly what I wanted.