Snow Shmow

by katie

It snowed here on Monday.  Again.  I’m so over it.  I mean, I don’t have the constitution to deal with these frigid temperatures.  Southern girls are delicate, y’all.  Snow is perfectly welcome at Christmas, but otherwise, it can kindly leave.  At least I have awesome snow boots to help me deal.  In my view, there is no better boot than the Bean Boot.  They are functional, cool, and a great value.  We have a pair in our house that is at least 15 years old and still in regular rotation.  I have two pair, myself, and wear them both all the time.  And since we seem to be in the midst of a never-ending winter around these parts, they are getting plenty of use this year.


Warming up on the radiator!

I’ve been wearing the heck out of my new 10″ shearling lined pair.  I bought them at an L.L. Bean retail store right after one of the first snows a couple of months ago.  I wasn’t the only one who decided she was in desperate need of snow boots, unfortunately.  The store was a MAD HOUSE.  I think everyone in the metro area was trying to buy Bean Boots that day.  The poor sales people were totally overwhelmed.  They were out of almost everything.  I only got my beloved boots by stalking the original person trying them on.  I waited off to the side, trying to look casual.  Eventually, after a practical eternity, she decided to move on and I pounced on those things so fast!  By some miracle, they were my size and fit just right.  I raced to the counter to pay for them before anyone else could snap them up.  I have been so glad to have them.