Half Marathon: Week 2

by katie

Well, it’s week 2 of my training program.  Since there’s nothing worth discussing about my running (sigh), we may as well talk about fuel.  I’ve recently begun experimenting with Clif Shot Bloks.


They purport to be “a streamlined approach to performance nutrition.”  The list of ingredients is…alarming.  Shot Bloks are essentially gelatinized sugar and artificial colorings coated in carnuba wax.  Some of them have caffeine, too.  They are pretty much every responsible eater’s worst nightmare.  On the bright side, they’re non-fat!  And organic!  Also, y’all, they taste AMAZING.  So far I’ve tried the strawberry and margarita flavors.  I typically chew a blok or two somewhere around mile 3 or 4.  I’ve observed at least two benefits from this.  First, it gives me something to do for a few seconds to take my mind off what a mistake signing up for this half marathon was.  Second, I really do feel a little peppier after I’ve eaten them.  Placebo?  Possibly.  Will I keep eating them?  Definitely.