Three Stars

by katie

Earlier this week, we went to a beer and bourbon dinner at Graffiato in D.C.  Graffiato is a Michael Isabella restaurant that serves primarily Italian food, and we could see that influence in the menu for the dinner.  The drinks were provided by Jefferson’s Bourbon and Three Stars Brewing Company.  The whole thing was really cool.  We’ve been to many wine dinners, but it was great to do something a little different.  Especially on a Wednesday!


Menu, glass, and Three Stars sticker swag.

Ok, true confession time.  I don’t eat meat.  I eat fish, eggs, and cheese, but no meat.  Don’t worry, I haven’t always been this way.  I’ve tasted plenty of pulled pork barbecue, Brunswick Stew, and fried chicken so I’ve still got my Southern bona fides.  About a year ago, though, I gave up meat for lent.  At the end, I realized I felt great and decided to keep it going.  I’m not super strict about it so if something has chicken broth in it, I don’t make a federal case out of it or anything.  I mention this because the above menu has a lot of meat on it, but Graffiato totally hooked me up.  Instead of the charcuterie, I got a lovely smoked salmon.  Instead of the beef brisket, I had rockfish.  Tom had all the meat, though, including his first ever head cheese.  But that’s another post.  Also, I need to get better at blog photography.

ANYWAY, the real reason for this post is Three Stars Brewing Company.  The name comes from the three stars on D.C.’s flag.

DC Flag

According to the internet (ahem), the flag’s three stars were inspired by George Washington’s coat of arms.

Three Stars was born when two home brewers decided to scrap their day jobs and brew beer full time on a larger scale.  I always wonder how people decide to do that.  I’m so risk averse!  I really need to know exactly where my paycheck is coming from, you know?  Should I be more comfortable with risk?  Ok, enough introspection.  Back to the beer.  We tasted some great stuff, particularly a Russian Imperial Stout made with 007 yeast.  It is called, of course, From Russia with Love.  The Movement was also awesome, which surprised me because it is an American Pale Ale.  That style is not normally my favorite, but this one was really flavorful and easy to drink.  Three Stars has an open house every Saturday at their brewery in D.C. where you can go and taste their beers and get a tour.  We are definitely doing that soon so stay tuned.  They are waiting on federal approval for their labeling, and then you’ll be able to buy it retail.