Southern Pride Round-Up

by katie

Today, like most days, I am rocking my SC-themed koozie at work.   I don’t know about y’all, but I am obsessed with a frosty cold beverage.  I prefer Diet Coke in a can because it just tastes colder to me.  Today, I went the healthy route with sparkling water to start, but have a DC stashed in the fridge for later.  I take a koozie to meetings and am generally wandering around the halls of my office with one, so I’ve kind of gotten a reputation for it.  Don’t worry, I hardly ever have beer in there.

I actually have two koozies around most of the time.  The first one floats between work, home, and the car, living most of its life in my purse.  Hey, you never know.

photo (3)

SC koozie numero uno collapses flat for easy purse transport.

The second one is metal with a foam insert.  It is bulkier, so lives on my desk full time.

photo (4)

SC koozie numero dos is bulky but awesome, just like me!

As if my constant koozie companions weren’t enough, I also have a piece of SC flag art in my office from the Rhett Gallery in Beaufort, SC.  All this got me thinking about the proliferation of cool products available for showing your Southern pride.  I put together a little round-up of things I’ve seen lately.

“The Line” Print – Old Try

I received this for Christmas and absolutely love it.  Once the framing is done, I’m planning to hang it in our downstairs powder room.  More on that later.

Needlepoint Key Fob – Smathers & Branson

This is a must-get for me.  You can even add a monogram.  Swoon.

Game Day Chinos – Dockers

Ok, these are for dudes, and despite my willingness to wear boy pants (see here), I don’t own these.  Although the choices are a little bit limited, there is decent SEC representation so check them out.

Tonic – Jack Rudy

This tonic is the real deal.  It is made in small batches in Charleston, SC.  When you pull this out to mix up G&T’s for your friends this summer, you will be convinced that Charleston is where it’s at for cocktails right now.

Atlanta Braves Flask – Smathers & Branson

Ok, another Smathers & Branson pick, but I couldn’t help it.  I’m scared for the Braves this year so a little libation will probably be in order.  This great flask is just the ticket.