Weejuns in the City

by katie

I own plenty of NY-appropriate stilettos, but I left those puppies at home this trip.  It’s Bass Weejuns time.  Also the weather here is terrible today, and along with the brutal sidewalks, would have ruined my heels.  Weejuns, on the other hand, are indestructible.  In fact, they actually look better with a little wear and tear in my opinion.

photo (8)

Office lighting = terrible photo, but you get the idea.

I got this pair a couple months ago and they are just now comfortable enough to wear for an extended period of time.  The Weejun breaking-in process is a labor of love.  It hurts, y’all.  But once you’ve done it, they are the most comfortable shoes on the planet.  They also last forever.  This is only the second pair I’ve ever had to buy in my life.  Now that’s a good value.

There are numerous internet resources about breaking in Weejuns, but I just do it the old fashioned way: I wear them in increasing increments of time until they are fully broken in.  The first wear will usually be a walk to lunch and back.  Then I might wear them for an afternoon when I’m not walking too much.  Then a whole day with only light walking, and so on.  Today, it will be no problem for me to wear them for hours and hours while walking around a fair amount.

My next decision is whether to put in pennies.  I definitely had pennies in my last pair but am not sure about it this time.  I wear these with slacks sometimes and don’t always think pennies are appropriate with those.  However, I plan to wear these a ton this summer with shorts.  Pennies seem like a must for outfits like that.  The obvious solution is to just take them in and out, but anyone who has had Weejuns knows that is a HUGE pain.  I need to ruminate on this some more.