New Ball Caps

by katie

Now that baseball season is back, I thought I would post about a couple of cute new ball caps I’ve purchased recently.  These are not team hats, though, so don’t get too excited.  I will be sporting my Braves cap this weekend at the game, but that’s a different post.  I’m really nervous for the Braves due to the pitching situation, or lack of one (also a different post).

Anyway, if you haven’t shopped at Tuckernuck, you should really check it out.  It is a retail site that features a curated collection of clothing and accessories.  They are absolutely killing it right now, particularly in the ball cap department.  I recently bought two that I just love.  I can’t wait to start wearing them while riding around in the Jeep this summer.  They both have a Southern flair, too, making them extra appropriate for me.

First up is a kelly green cap from Harding-Lane.  The Southern element on this one is obviously the precious needlepoint design.  Harding-Lane is based in Massachusetts, but features a “Southern” line of hats that is available through the Harding-Lane site or through Tuckernuck.


This hat is doing everything right.  The colors are bright and true, and the design is adorable.  Just look at the fox!!  I had mine monogrammed and am completely in love with it.

Next up is a baby blue hat, also from a Massachusetts company, but with a similar Southern flair.  The color is spot on and the tiny life preserver stitched onto the front is too cute.


This hat is currently sold out on Tuckernuck, but don’t worry.  They have pop-backs all the time, and you can even set up a notification so Tuckernuck will email you when it becomes available.