Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad

by katie

I almost don’t want to talk about this for fear of jinxing it, but…the Braves have actually been winning some games.  Well, except the one I went to yesterday.  But whatever!  The weather was perfect, the food was great, and I sat closer to the field than I’ve ever been (counting at little league games).  The Braves won two games out of three during this weekend’s series with the Nationals.  I’ll take it.

photo (14)

Not quite warm enough for flip flops, but a great weather day in all other respects.

photo (13)

So close to the field!  I usually like to sit a little bit higher so I can see the pitches and the fielding better, but this was a great experience.  We could smell the grass and hear the players talking to each other. 

The best part of the day for me was seeing Terry Pendleton up close.  He is one of my all-time favorite players, and it’s so cool to see him still with the Braves as a member of the coaching staff.  I didn’t take a picture because I was too excited.  Also, I didn’t want him to think I was weird.

In other news, I’m trying a recipe tonight that I used to make with chicken.  I’ll be using scallops instead, and am hopeful for a good outcome.  Stay tuned.