Quick Trip Down South and Related Running Fail

by katie

I just got back from a quick work trip down to lovely Aiken, SC (by way of Columbia, SC).  I was travelling with a co-worker (the same one who is running the half marathon with me in May), so that made it a fun trip.  When we landed in Columbia, we immediately met a good friend of mine for drinks at a place called Dano’s Pizza.  It doesn’t sound like much, and it isn’t, but the beer flowed like wine and we had a great time catching up.  He recommended a good spot to grab some dinner, so we headed over for a bite to eat at Il Giorgione before driving to Aiken.

We started with some garlic bruschetta (does anyone know how to pronounce that?).  It was really simple: just roasted garlic spread on some toast.  The garlic was the color of shoe leather, which sounds unappetizing but was really great.  It had none of that garlicky sharpness left because it had been roasted within an inch of its life.  After that, I ordered a basic pasta with red sauce.  I do this a lot at Italian places that are new to me.  I think it’s a good indication of whether the chef knows what he is doing.  This one does.

photo (22)

Pardon the shadow!  Mood lighting is not good for food photography.  That is one of the many reasons I don’t typically take pictures of my food in restaurants.  I couldn’t resist this one because it was pretty much the only picture I was able to get during the trip.  As a general rule, though, I think busting out your phone/camera to photograph your food at restaurants is tacky.  Quick story.  I was lucky enough to eat at the chef’s table at Volt in Frederick, MD a few years ago.  A friend who was with us is a HUGE foodie and chef groupie.  There were about two dozen courses (not exaggerating), and she took pictures of every single one.  The celebrity chef was cooking that night and tweeted that she should enjoy the food instead of photographing it.  SO embarrassing.  

The pasta was fresh and cooked just right.  The tomato sauce had plenty of flavor, too.  I like things pretty saucy, and this had the perfect amount.  Highly recommend.  The wine selection was just okay, but the food makes up for it.  Oddly, I can usually get great wines at restaurants in SC.  Stuff I can’t find other places.  They must have a good distributor down there.  Il Giorgione should give whoever that is a call.

In other news, the trip sort of messed up my half marathon training this week.  I’m only two miles behind schedule, but it feels like a lot more.  I can’t believe I only have ~6 weeks left of training.  Even though I’m definitely worried about the race, I’m starting to get stronger.  More importantly, my endurance is finally starting to improve.  I did a spin class last Saturday for cross training and rocked it like never before.  I know that is because of all the running.