Growing Our Own Food

by katie

Over the last couple of weekends, we have been installing a tiered vegetable garden in our back patio area.  It was more work than originally planned, but turned out really well.

We ordered a kit from Amazon that was super easy to put together.  That part took only a few minutes.  Once we had it constructed, we placed our plants where we thought they should go.

photo (29)

We chose plants and got a lot of guidance about which ones grow well together from this great book:

photo (30)

I’ve had the book for a few years, and have used it repeatedly for container gardening (back when we had a deck, but no yard).  I found it to be just as useful for this compartmentalized gardening approach.

After we laid out the plants, we started filling the compartments with Miracle Grow soil.  It took about 16 large bags in all.

photo (28)

This photo shows the whole garden before we got all the plants in.  We ordered two single-layer boxes and one tiered box.  When we hooked the three sections together, we had enough parts leftover to construct a third single-layer box.  Bonus!

We got all our plants in, stood back, and admired our work.  It was around that time that our neighbor stopped by to point out that the garden was actually on her property by about a foot.  Sigh.  This problem comes up with old neighborhoods like ours.  Original records showing property lines, if they existed at all, are long gone.  We all usually use our fence lines as property lines.  There is no fence between our house and our neighbor’s house in the area where we put the garden, unfortunately.  The houses are close together, and although we were not encroaching on anything usable for our neighbor, we decided to maintain relations by moving the garden to our back fence.  We will all be living near each other for a long time so keeping things friendly is of paramount importance.  And to be fair, our neighbor was really nice about it, and even called us later to say she felt bad for saying anything in the first place.

photo (33)

Here’s the garden in place along the back fence.  I took this picture before we filled in the dirt for the tiered section, but you get the idea.

photo (32)


So far, the plants are doing really well!  We’ve already cooked with some of the herbs, including basil and thyme.  I can’t wait until the other vegetables start coming in.  We have several varieties of tomatoes, eggplant, bell peppers, collards, lettuces, herbs, kale, and a bunch of other things.  We’re growing a salad bar back there!