Mussels and a Double-Duty Recipe

by katie

Last night, we made this delicious recipe from Garden & Gun.  I’ve made it a couple of times now, and although the original recipe calls for clams, last night I made it with mussels.  It was SO good.  There are lots of ingredients, but it’s really okay because once you’ve made this, you will make it over and over.  Also, it makes a lot, so is great for a crowd.  The investment in a few special ingredients is really worth it.

The best part, though, is that if you make it for a smaller number of people (2-4), you will have plenty of broth/sauce leftover.  This stuff is liquid gold, I tell you.  Not only is it fantastic sopped up with a piece of baguette while you’re enjoying the mussels, it is also the most perfect sauce for making pad thai.  I’m super picky about pad thai, so I was extremely excited when I had the revelation about the leftover mussel sauce.  It might be one of my best ideas ever.  Just prepare pad thai noodles according to the package directions, stir in some scrambled egg (if that’s your jam), some scallions, some crushed peanuts, and whatever else you like.  Toss everything with the leftover mussel sauce, and enjoy.  The pad thai is even better the next day.  Making pad thai this way is the closest I’ve ever come, by far, to the flavor of restaurant pad thai.  Our local Thai place serves a pad thai with crab meat (because it’s Maryland and everything has crab on it).  I think I’m going to try that this weekend using last night’s leftover sauce.