A case of the Mondays

by katie

We had another weekend of great weather, which meant lots of outdoor activities (mostly involving cocktails!).  The result is a serious case of the Mondays.  Going back to work after an awesome weekend is always super hard.

We bar-hopped to a couple of our favorite places in Annapolis on Friday night after work.  We started out on the rooftop deck at Metropolitan.  The food there is just okay, but the cocktails and scenery are great.  I think they have the best rooftop bar in Annapolis, by far.  After that, we went to Level, and then finished up with some neighbors on their porch.

On Saturday, we got up relatively early, jumped in the Jeep, and headed over the Bay Bridge to the Eastern Shore.  We had the top off, of course, and soaked up tons of sunshine.  When we got back, I decided to go ahead and do my long run.  Normally I do those on Sunday.  I did 10 miles using the same run/walk strategy I’m going to use for the race.  For the first half, I ran 0.9 and walked 0.1 for each mile.  For the second half, I ran 0.8 and walked 0.2 for each mile.  It ended up being in the neighborhood of my desired race pace, so I felt pretty good about it.  After that, we had delicious New Orleans-style barbecue shrimp at a neighbor’s house while we all planned our upcoming trip to Carmel, CA in July.

Yesterday was a low-key day followed by dinner at our friends’ house.  I brought an appetizer that I will share in an upcoming post.  The host grilled fish, steak, and vegetables.  Everything was delicious and we really enjoyed sitting on the patio taking in the pretty landscaping.  It made me even more motivated to do something with our back patio area.  It’s not looking it’s best at the moment….