It’s Taper Time

by katie

Two more days until the half marathon, which means I’m a resident of Taper Town.  This is a new experience for me, and let me tell y’all, I could get used to it.  If I understand this whole process correctly, during the taper period you don’t run very much and you eat tons of carbs.  YAY.  I just finished my last run before the race (4 miles).  I went pretty fast, but my reward is a yogurt and some chocolate milk. I haven’t had chocolate milk in about 20 years.  It’s actually kind of gross, but to be fair, I’m a milk purist.  I mean, I drink whole milk on the regular.  Anyway, it’s important to eat right after a taper run because your muscles are primed to store a bunch of glycogen.  We are having panzanella for dinner, which is just a fancy name for bread salad.  More carbs!

Tonight I really tried to remember that running is supposed to be fun, and that I’m lucky to be healthy with working legs that allow me to run.  In that spirit, I took some photos of stuff I see on my usual route through the Naval Academy campus that I often take for granted.


Wednesday night sailboat races


Docked Navy boats


Not for self, but for country


The chapel


Officer/faculty housing