Pink Margaritas

by katie

Two drink posts in a row!  Yesterday, we closed out the weekend with an evening cocktail on our porch.  We had planned to have classic margaritas, but Trader Joe’s was out of their margarita mix (it’s the best, trust me).  In a pinch, Tom had the great idea to use Trader Joe’s pomegranate limeade.  Pink margaritas!!

photo (68)

This was a new product for us, since we don’t really buy fruit juice much.  It is generally just a vehicle for sugar and empty calories, but so are margaritas.  Considering the application, I was happy to try this out.  Plus, the drink turns out such an attractive color.

photo (67)

Summer in a glass.

Tom just mixed tequila, a splash of grand marnier (because we were out of triple sec) lime juice, pomegranate limeade, and ice in a cocktail shaker.  Voila.  We would normally rim the glasses with salt, but I got impatient.