Breakfast Problems

by katie

I have always struggled with the daily question of what to have for breakfast.  I like breakfast food, but not really at breakfast time.  I like dinner food at breakfast time, but apparently that is not “normal.”  Harumph.  Before I stopped eating meat, I would eat a turkey sandwich for breakfast pretty much every day (if I was eating at home, where there is no judgment for eating a non-breakfast breakfast).  When turkey sandwiches left my life for good, I was kind of adrift.  For awhile, I switched over to veggie burgers.  Those were good, but started to feel like too much once it got hotter outside.  In search of something lighter and cooler, I tried yogurt.  Yogurt is…okay.  It tastes good, but doesn’t keep me full AT ALL.  I’m a hangry mess by the time lunch rolls around.  The next obvious option was cottage cheese.  Ding ding!  We have a winner.  Here’s what I’ve been eating for breakfast lately:

photo (69)

Low fat or fat free cottage cheese with a small avocado, salt, and pepper.  

I like low fat or fat free because of the texture, not for health reasons.

I’ve always really loved cottage cheese, but only in a savory preparation.  Whenever I see a commercial for cottage cheese and fruit or some other sweet thing, I want to gag.  SO GROSS.  But this is a subject upon which reasonable people can disagree.  If you like sweet cottage cheese, have at it.  My mother, the epitome of Southern-ness, stirs a little dollop of Duke’s mayo into her cottage cheese.  Genius.  She also eats it with cantaloupe sometimes.  Not genius.

P.S. – I have been really lame with running lately.  I think I’m going to have to get another race on the schedule just to motivate me to get up and exercise in the morning.  Sigh.