Better late than never

by katie

We went to see The Lion King at the Kennedy Center last night.  It was so amazing.  I can’t believe I waited 17 years to see it.  The night before the show, Tom and I were chatting about it, and I found out for the first time that he’s never even seen the Disney movie.  WHAT?!  You think you know a guy….

Anyway, I totally understand why the show is still running, and won about a gazillion Tony awards.  The costumes and set design were beyond cool.  They were so creative and technically impressive.  We spent several minutes discussing how the articulated lion masks worked.  We weren’t allowed to take pictures during the show, but I grabbed some official photos from the internet to show you what I’m talking about.

When the actors bent down a little bit, the lion masks would be positioned in front of their faces.

But when they stood up straight, the masks would kind of float to rest on their foreheads.  The transition was barely perceptible, and once on the actors’ foreheads, the masks seemed very stable.  They didn’t flop around at all.

The movement of the masks, the use of people as grass, the lighting, really everything, was so so good.  I highly recommend this show if you have been living under a live theater rock like me, and haven’t seen it yet.

Besides the show, we enjoyed visiting the Kennedy Center.  It is so close to us, and we don’t go nearly enough.  It’s such a nice venue, and Tom remarked how the building has held up well.  It’s still really pretty and impressive.

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