Checking Summer Boxes: Cantler’s

by katie

This weekend, we checked a “must do” off our summer activity list: eating crabs at Cantler’s.  Growing up in coastal South Carolina, I ate a lot of blue crab.  When we moved to Maryland, I was delighted to find that blue crab was popular here, too.  There was one key difference, though.  Marylanders pick their own crab.  Whoa.  I’d never done that before, and was pretty grossed out by it at first.  It also takes forever, so the investment/reward relationship seemed a bit off.  Eventually, though, I came around and embraced it as the social event that it is.

Yesterday’s Cantler’s outing was brought about by fate.  I was slightly…ahem…over-served on Saturday night.  We had a blast, but Sunday morning wasn’t my favorite.  I woke up craving something fried, and there’s nothing better than the fried clam strips at Cantler’s.  Almost as soon as I’d popped open the site on my iPad, our friends called and asked if we were available to go to Cantler’s for lunch.  Um, YES.  We ordered a bunch of stuff, including a dozen large crabs that everyone shared.  I also got my fried clam strips.

photo (96) photo (97)

Not exactly health food, but it did cure my hangover!

There are a bunch of crab houses/crab decks near Annapolis, but Cantler’s is my favorite.  It has a waterfront view (obviously), and a casual atmosphere that can’t be beat.  They also sell beer, but only by the can.  How fun is that?  We had another weekend of gorgeous weather, so we were expecting to wait forever for a table.  It turned out we were seated right on the deck within about 20 minutes.  It was the perfect Sunday afternoon.

photo (98)