Made in the South Awards

by katie

Every year, Garden & Gun has a “Made in the South” contest.  Products made all over the South are submitted for judging by a panel of experts in various categories like food, drink, style and design, etc.  The winners are consistently fantastic, but many of them are also totally inaccessible due to price (hello $700 eyeglass frames).  The overall winner in the drink category last year, however, was something normal people can actually buy, and something I actually own.  Yay!  I thought I would review it for y’all.

Bourbon Barrel Aged Old Fashioned


Bittermilk sells pre-made cocktail mixers.  Anyone who’s ever had neon green margarita mix knows that pre-made mixers can go very, very wrong.*  Not so with Bittermilk. Their mixers are hand-crafted in small batches right in Charleston, SC (wut wut!).  I got Tom the bourbon barrel aged old fashioned and the smoked honey whiskey sour for Christmas last year and practically won wife-of-the-year.  The mixers don’t contain alcohol, so you can add your favorite brand of spirit to customize each one.  The bourbon barrel aged old fashioned mixer won Garden & Gun’s 2013 contest in the “drink” category, and rightly so.  We recently expanded our Bittermilk arsenal.  We obviously purchased more of the old fashioned and whiskey sour mixers (no brainer), and added in the Tom Collins.  They are all simply outstanding.  You can purchase them online through Bittermilk’s site, but if you live in the D.C. area, you can also pick them up at Salt & Sundry in Union Market.  That’s where we get ours.  I think we are going to have to start buying in bulk…


*True confession: just in case anyone thinks I’m a snob about this, I think Mr. and Mrs. T’s spicy bloody mary mix (available at practically every grocery and liquor store) is one of the absolute best mixers out there.  We kept that company in business tailgating in college.