Cucumber Rickey

by katie

We just got a new cocktail book called Shake.  As with many cool, food and beverage-related things these days, the book hails from Brooklyn, NY.

Shake: A New Perspective On Cocktails


The book is sold out on their website, but you can pick it up at Williams-Sonoma like we did, or grab it on Amazon.  The photography and layout of the book are some of the best I’ve seen in any cookbook genre.  It’s really a pleasure to read, even if you never make any of the recipes in it.  But more importantly, the drinks are classic and delicious.  We can’t wait to make them all.

We wound up our weekend by making the Cucumber Rickey because we just happened to have all the ingredients for that.  Each recipe makes two drinks, which is perfect.  All cocktail recipes should be written that way, in my opinion.


Ginger Beer is becoming more widely available.  We really like Fever-Tree.  The mint is from our garden!


I dare you to find a drink more refreshing-looking than these.

The cucumber and mint flavors were perfectly balanced, and made the drink taste like an amped up gin and tonic.  It would be perfect for someone who doesn’t care for a normal G&T.  Mint can really overwhelm more delicate flavors, but not so here.  The ginger beer didn’t make it overly sweet, either.  It was just right for sipping on the porch.


Enjoyment in progress.