Here we go again…

by katie

After I ran the Zooma Annapolis half marathon back in May, I thought I might be done with that kind of thing. The course was hard, I missed my time goal by a frustratingly small amount, and I considered just checking the half marathon box and calling it done. But, unable to leave well enough alone, I just signed up for the Richmond Half Marathon. It is technically called “The American Family Fitness Half Marathon.”  I will not be calling it that because obviously. Anyway, the race is on November 15, which means I have to get on a training plan pretty much immediately.

Truthfully, that’s one of the main reasons I signed up. If I don’t have something to motivate me to get up and work out, I tend to sleep in. Not cool. I’m also in an “embrace life” mood lately. I am physically able to run without aggressively hating it (most of the time). I get to be outside breathing air that hasn’t been recirculated by an office HVAC system. I am exposed to natural light for long periods of time. These are good things that add richness to my existence. I should do them. Also, this is a fall race, which means training will be fairly pleasant weather-wise, and the scenery from past races (via the race’s facebook page) show pretty leaves and scenery.

Leaves, y’all.

The Richmond Half is apparently pretty popular, because it is early August and there are no hotel rooms to be found. Seriously. Every hotel anywhere close to the race start is booked. Let’s just call that Future Katie’s problem.