happy birthday to me

by katie

I turned 38 yesterday. The latter half of 37 was kind of the worst, which you can read about here, but I have high hopes for 38.

Things got off to a great start in the birthday cake department. In the past, I’ve typically requested my mom’s biscuit bread pudding for my birthday. But I’ve also had my share of red velvet cake, and the epitome of Southern dessert, coconut cake. This year, Tom made me an extra-delicious coconut cake with cream cheese frosting. Cream cheese frosting is the best kind, and I don’t want to hear any argument about it.

Although I gave up dessert for Lent this year, I’ve already caved and had two enormous pieces. Let’s face it, if I’m going to hell, it won’t be for eating two pieces of cake during Lent. There are plenty of other reasons. Ha!

Coconut Cake