is it hot in here, or is that just me?

by katie

Most of the breast-cancer portion of this blog is here. I’m still dealing with treatment side effects, though, so I thought I’d talk about that real quick since it is impacting my running. Fortunately, chemo was not a total nightmare for me. Sure, my hair fell out and I was tired ALL THE TIME, but I’m pretty much back to normal now (almost exactly three months post-chemo). My current issue is with a little jerk called Zoladex. Zoladex is a shot some breast cancer patients get to shut down their ovaries during treatment. Other breast cancer patients get it for literally years after chemo is done. I’m not one of those people, thank goodness, because Zoladex blows. I am still having hot flashes and night sweats even though I haven’t had an injection in three months. My doctor says this is normal, but my hatred of it probably is not. I’m using the words “shot” and “injection” like Zoladex is equivalent to a flu shot or something. Nope. It is actually an implant that gets injected into your lower abdomen with a HUGE needle. Like, the nurse has to numb the area first because the needle is so big. Ugh.

Anyway, in addition to getting the vapors constantly, I’ve also put on a bunch of weight because Zoladex messes with my hormones. This is making me a very slow runner. I’m training for a 10K right now, and to say that I am frustrated with my lack of performance is an understatement. I’ve been running pretty consistently for about a month with negligible progress in both pace and distance. The race is on May 30, so I still have time, but I’m starting to get kind of concerned. I can’t even run two miles without having to stop at least twice. My bad runs far outnumber my good ones at this point. I’m not sure what to do besides just keep trudging along until things get better.

Ok, enough whining. To be honest, even though I’m not happy with my fitness right now, I’m beyond happy that I am healthy enough to run at all. Things could have turned out differently, and much worse, for me. So complaining time is now over. Until my next bad run, anyway.

PS – Did anyone watch the Boston Marathon yesterday? I had it streaming like a big (running) nerd. Watching the elite runners cross the finish line gets me every time.