About Me:

I’m Katie.  I was born in Virginia and lived there until we moved to the South Carolina lowcountry when I was a kid.  After graduate school, I married a nice boy named Tom from Tupelo, Mississippi and we now live in Annapolis, Maryland.  I have never lived above the Mason-Dixon line.  Everyone in my family, going back many generations, is Southern.  I have a theory that this has given me an abnormal genetic tolerance for butter.

I have adorable parents, who have been together since high school, and a cool sister named Jennifer.  Her husband is from Arizona, but we still love him.  Tom and I have a cat child named Molly.  Human children are not our scene at the moment.          

About this blog:

The High Cotton is, first and foremost, my love letter to the modern South.  My primary goal is to document the beautiful and special things that make today’s Southerners who they are.  I also plan to write about the things that make me who I am.  That’s why, in addition to posts about Southern food and culture, you’ll also see posts about running, my family, and my pals.

The phrase “high cotton” used to refer to the maturity of a cotton crop, and sometimes the favorable price one could get for it.  Now, it is used to refer to something classy.  That’s what I’m all about here at The High Cotton.  Keepin’ it classy.  But seriously, I like the term “high cotton” because it has evolved just like the South itself.

Product posts:

I don’t know about y’all, but I sometimes struggle to find something just right.  When I do, I’m going to share it on The High Cotton in the interest of the greater good.  If I share a product, it is because I truly love it, not because I’m being paid.  Promise.